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Travel Back In Time with Art History to discovery a variety of traditional styles with surprising new twists and flavors.

Have a pint with us

We learn best from experience, which is why we sought out a team of industry veterans to open Art History Brewing. After years of teaching others about beer, Greg Browne, has taken on the role as head brewer. Although he will not be holding classes, you can catch him for a pint and he will tell you about the history of our beer styles and how he stays ahead of the latest beer trends. He is excited to bring his beer knowledge to the team to produce an evolving tap list with everything from a Czech Pilsner to a Juicy, Hazy IPA full of southern hemisphere hops.

It's simple, good beer in the correct glass

We are passionate about all our beer styles and ensure that they are poured with the appropriate amount of foam and into the correct glassware. A tulip glass, for instance, concentrates aromas, which is why we use them to compliment our hazy IPAs. For clarity, we pour our lagers into a narrow glass without a handle to allow your hand to warm the beer naturally. We celebrate foam because it means the beer has been carbonated with care, and use it to highlight the flavor of the hops and malt.

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